Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Kijana hapo pichani anatafutwa na mzazi mwenzie

7 months ago I gave birth to twin boys. They are the most precious little guys you can imagine. I need your help. The guy I had these wonderful babies with are unknown to me, and he does not know about the twins. Therefore I need all of your help to pass this forward. The boy in the picture is the man I'm looking for - Todau he his 25 years old and that picture is the only one I have. He is half danish and half tanzanian. I don't have much information about him, only that his mother is from Tanzania and his father is Danish and he lives in Denmark. If this reach you, if I'm that lucky, please I want you to know that I'm not here to claim anything. I just want you to get a chance to get to know them, because they are awesome. Please you guys, this is important to me, share this and hopefully someday this will pass the eyes of someone that recongnize him in some way or even someone that knows him and can pass this on to him directly. If you know anything about the man in the picture, please contact me. Send me a PM or an email -

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I will be foreller greatful to you.

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