Saturday, 17 November 2012


The late Gordon kakooko R.I.P
With Sorrow Ugamuziki has recieved the news of the death of  father to the wife of Mr Samson Mande one of our own in the swedish/Diaspora Community.
Mr Godorn Kakooko R.I.P. passed away Tuesday 13th November In Uganda and was laid to rest thursday 15th November in Uganda in Nombe, Mbarara district.
“Due to our security concerns we couldn’t go to bury our beloved parent. Neither have we been allowed to give a speech to mourners! Fearing just my voice tells alot; it is a double tragedy. I and Deborah thank all of you in Sweden and those in Uganda who have contributed to giving our father a decent burrial. We appreciate all the condolence messages you are sending to console us. You are the only strength we have and your sweet words are giving us the courage to overcome the double tragedy we are in.”wrote Samson Mande
We still have so many rivers to cross but with strong will you are inspiring us with we shall survive and cross all the rivers untill we are back home, home to stay and in a motherland where all when ALL her children have ALL freedom.
Mr Samson Mande’s  home is open for all of you who may wish to pass by and deliver your condolences in person. You can contact him or Deborah his Wife on 0736472691 , 0737758343. “We will observe 7 days mourning as it is in our culture so you can find us at home any time.”samson has informed us.
Those in Stockholm be informed that Friday 16th November at 16:00 – 10.00 we shall have a prayer gathering at our home in Sollentuna to pray for the late father and people may stay with us all the night.
We shall close our mourning days next week on Tuesday 20th Nov 12
We pray that the Almighty God gives Gordon an everlasting -Eternal Rest in Peace.
We also pray for the leaders and people of Uganda to understand the value of freedom and peace.

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