Saturday, 26 May 2012

Ten signs that you've 'gone native' in Sweden

Ten signs that you've 'gone native' in Sweden

After having lived in Sweden for a certain number of years, many ex-pats start asking, “Am I going native or what?” Check out The Local's guide to tell-tale signs that you may be more integrated into Swedish society than you first realized.
The reasons for this can be many.

A raised eyebrow among peers, a comment from a loved one, or even finding yourself doing something that feels just a little too Swedish for your own liking.

The Local's guide to "going native".

The question is - how to know when you have crossed that invisible border. To facilitate this awareness, The Local has prepared a list of tell-tale signs that you are, in fact, going native.

So whether you are unaware of your own leanings towards the Swedish way of being, or whether you are painfully conscious of your own metamorphosis – and whether you like it or not,

 here's how to find out.


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