Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Miss Africa Crown Contest: The Booking Rush in On…

Saturday, October 6th 2012 at the Exclusive Birka Cruise Across the Baltic Sea

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The Grand final of the Miss Africa Crown is set for Saturday, October 6th 2012 aboard Birka Cruise in a historic “Battle of the beauties” across the Baltic Sea. Time is running fast and the booking rush on Birka Paradise is on.
The price is very reasonably – 729 kr for a bed in a 4-bed cabin and included in this price is: Entrance to the main events hall (worth 200 kr) a luscious buffet dinner complete with an endless flow of wine or beer. It sounds fantastic!
For the more classy Miss Africa Crown fans, the 729 kr ticket gives access to both the event hall and the “Four Season’s Dock” (the most exclusive Restaurant which features the official “Cruise menu” packed with lavish dish options). Although dinner at Four Seasons is included in the ticket price, you will however foot the bill for your drinks because Four Seasons is “VIP tainted” with drink choices going beyond beer and wine. The choice is yours.
Once in the boat, there will be three dining time scales – 18.00 hrs, 18.45 hrs and 21.oo hrs. The first 400 bookings will get an opportunity to kick-off dinner at 18.00 or 18.45 hrs. Those booking late (beyond 400) will have to wait until 21.00 hrs to gain access to dinner tables. There will be no short cut so either get into the first 400 guest list or take it easy and dine after 21.00 hrs.
It is likely that the buffet tables can be fully booked (especially with late bookings) and the option is that guests who miss the buffet tables will have to make table reservations at the A la Carten at the same price of 729 kr but without free drinks. Booking a table early at the buffet together with your ticket is therefore key to access of the taps of wine and beer which will be flowing like river Nile. Get this right and avoid last minute disappointments.
Once in the Cruise ship, and unlike on previous occasions, it will be impossible to pay for the Miss Africa Crown championship (the event) in the boat. Event tickets must be purchased on land. Without a ticket, there will be no entry or payment at the door where there will be maximum security. In summary:
• A ticket in a four-bed cabin costs 729 kr
• All ticket prices includes dinner in the buffet and entry in the event hall – Paradise (worth 200 kr)
• First 400 bookings will dine at 18.00 hrs or at 18.45 hrs
• Bookings after 400 will dine at 21.00 hrs
• Ticket price includes alternative dinner at the exclusive “Four Seasons Dock” (you buy your drinks)
• If you miss a dinner table, you can make a reservation at A la Carten (you buy your own drinks.
Make your booking on time to avoid last minute disappointment. Bookings can be done directly from Birka Cruise website or by phoning the Birka Cruise at 08-7027250.
Miss Africa Crown Crew

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