Friday, 27 July 2012

Drunkard demands police lift to sobering up cell

Drunkard demands police lift to sobering up cell


 Officers in a police vehicle in a central part of Stockholm were on Monday afternoon surprised to see a highly inebriated man jump in the back of the vehicle demanding they take him to a drunk tank.

The man, who clearly had had a few too many, approached the vehicle when it was stopped at traffic lights near Medborgarplatsen square in central Stockholm, got in and demanded to be taken to a holding cell to sleep it off, according to daily Dagens Nyheter (DN).

“The officers were surprised when he sort of fell into the backseat but he just said he wanted to go and sleep it off in a holding cell,” said officer Viktor Adolphson, who tweeted about the incident for the Södermalm police, to the paper.

Officers heeded the unusual request from the man, who was reportedly middle-aged, and drove him straight to the station.

He was brought in and left to sleep it off and after six hours we sent him home,” Adolphson told DN.

According to the police, this was a very unusual occurrence, and one which they found rather funny at that.

“The man was very intoxicated and had obviously realized his situation. It was still a lot better than when they pass out and we are forced to carry them away,“ Adolphson told DN.


yaah hii kawaida sweden gari ya polisi inageuka lift na kituo cha polis kinageuka gest na kesho unapelekwa home,fanya hivyo bongo ukiwa bwii simamisha difenda jipakie kisha waambie wakupeleke kituoni ukalale utakiona kilichomnyonyoa kanga manyoya.ila vibaka wanafanya hivyo wakikimbia kipondo

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