Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Somalia: Amisom Kills 50 Al Shabaab, Captures Town Near Kismayu

A soldier stands over the weapons seized from suspected members of Al Shabaab (file photo).

At least 50 Al Shabaab militants were killed in yet another deadly attack at Jana Cabdalla, a town 40 kilometers from the port of Kismayu.
Military Spokesman Col Cyrus Oguna said the town is now under full control of AMISOM troops who will pacify it enroute to Kismayu which is the main target.
"This is a key al Shabaab stronghold in lower Jubba region, but it has now fallen," Oguna said.
Oguna has told Capital FM News that there could be many more Al Shabaab militants killed in the attack because they fought in the forest.
"During the operation, the allied forces encountered resistance in the last three days that culminated in the capture of the town," he said in a statement, adding "Several Al Shabaab militants were killed in the engagement and assorted weapons and ammunition recovered."
During the 2pm battle, two Kenyan forces and five Somalia National Army soldiers sustained minor injuries. "The injured soldiers were flown to Dobley for medical attention."
Oguna described the capture of the town as a "major milestone in AMISOM offensive towards the liberation of the port city of Kismayu."

Last week, Harbolle town in Sector II also fell into the hands of AMISOM when the militants tried to block the forces from advancing to Kismayu--resulting to the killing of 50 others.
The AMISOM forces, under whose umbrella the Kenya Defence Forces are fighting are racing against time to capture the port of Kismayu which is considered an Al Shabaab bastion.


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